The SigEp Experience

Balanced Man

No Hazing. We have a zero tolerance policy for hazing, and we aren’t just saying this now, and will surprise you later. Our model embraces this philosophy of the Balanced Man Program where we build you up and shape you to be future gentlemen and leaders for this world.


We offer scholarships to potential new SigEps or anyone who is interested and qualified. Click here to find out more.

Open Recruitment

We recruit the best men on campus all year round, and we do not wait for rush. So if you’re interested in SigEp, contact us to hang out, and you could be given a bid during the middle of the quarter.

Our Chapter has been going strong for over 25 years at UC San Diego, making it the longest standing Fraternity on campus.

We are a Fraternity that Strives to be Different!

We are good at a lot of things, but we are not good at everything. We are seeking leaders in the making, and need people like you to help be a part of something bigger, to leave a legacy, and to grow our chapter to the best it can be.
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Be a Part of Something Big and Lasting for the Rest of Your Life!

Sigma Phi Epsilon is the Nations’s largest fraternity, over 250,000 men have joined the fraternity

Over the past fifteen years, more men have joined Sigma Phi Epsilon than any other college fraternity

There are over 250 chapters spread across the nation.

Cal Rho Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is a Balanced Man Chapter. You will be a brother once you sign, there is no pledging, but a Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon Challenge that builds you up throughout your college career. The Balanced Man Program helps members develop a sound mind and sound body by encouraging skills related to leadership, scholarship, and athletics.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Balanced Man Scholarship provides thousands of dollars each year to incoming freshmen to help them succeed.

The list of famous Sigma Phi Epsilon Alumni is lengthy and includes countless professional athletes, renowned business men, and elected officials.

Chances are that there are brothers with the same major as you, similar interests to you, and similar aspirations to you. Come out and check out something that will be the opportunity of a lifetime and memories you will never forget