The Balanced Man Program

Sigma Phi Epsilon believes that learning how to balance roles, priorities, and activities in college is one of the most important life skills one will learn. We believe that students who exhibit balance and exude excellence in all areas of life should be recognized. Scholarships are being offered to incoming male students who have excelled in the development of a Sound Mind and a Sound Body during their high school careers. Our aim is to reward men who exemplify these qualities, as we believe they are essential to leading a balanced life, allowing a single individual to become a leader and help shape society in the future.

Sigma Challenge
Upon joining SigEp, new members do not become “pledges,” struggling to prove their loyalty to the fraternity, but rather full blown members undergoing the “Sigma Challenge”. Through weekly discussions and semester goals, these members learn such skills as time management, how to maintain a thorough schedule, how to build relationships, and more. The Sigma Challenge pushes new members out of their comfort zone, introducing them to the fraternity, the greek community, the university, and their own personal development.

Phi Challenge
After culminating from the Sigma Challenge, members begin the “Phi Challenge”. The Phi Challenge further delves into university involvement and personal goal setting. Members must set goals for the semester, join campus organizations other than SigEp, visit local museums, and complete a variety of other tasks.

Epsilon Challenge
Members undergoing the “Epsilon Challenge” are usually entering their later years as an undergrad, so the Epsilon Challenge focuses on professional development and real life skills. Members are encouraged to attend lectures by guest speakers regarding such topics as resume building and etiquette.

Brother Mentor Challenge
The “Brother Mentor Challenge” is the program for elite members of the fraternity. Members are challenged to mentor a younger member of the house and help them set and accomplish their personal goals. Upon completing the Brother Mentor Challenge, members enter the upper ranks of the fraternity.

Fellow Challenge
Completing the “Fellow Challenge” is such a prestigious honor that the Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity coordinates it. Challengees must create and complete a 500-hour service learning and community service project, leaving a mark on the surrounding community. Very few members nationwide have completed this challenge, as it truly is a challenge for members dedicated to changing the world.