Why SigEp?

Upon the founding of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity in 1901 in Richmond College, Virginia, the founding fathers said with conviction, “This fraternity will be different”. 112 years later, we can say with conviction that SigEp is different. SigEp is about diversity. We cannot be categorized nor stereotyped. The California Rho chapter is no exception. When you look around at a SigEp meeting, not only do you see all kinds of global and ethnic representation, but you also see a rugby player, a lacrosse player, a soccer player, a gymnast, a swimmer, a singer, a dancer. We all carry unique personalities in our own regards, and it is these differences that bring us together as a fraternity and enhance the strength of our brotherhood.As a brother, you can expect productivity. You will be spending your time under the Balanced Man Program, actively growing as a person, and developing a sound mind and sound body.  Through the Balanced Man Program and the careful and constant guidance and mentorship of your brothers, you will grow in essential areas  such as time management, leadership, and social skills. As a SigEp, your growth into a Balanced Man will begin from day one. Rather than spending a quarter proving your loyalty to the fraternity, you will embark on your first of many challenges as a SigEp that will provide you with opportunities for service learning, academic and athletic growth, and brotherhood.  Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will also learn about what you have to offer SigEp, and what SigEp has to offer you. College is the best 4 years of a young man’s life. SigEp can truly make the college experience productive and unforgettable.

Sigma Phi Epsilon: A Fraternity to Live up to

*SigEp is the largest fraternity in the world with 320,000 lifetime members
*For 21 consecutive years, more men have joined SigEp than any other fraternity.
*SigEp boasts more living alumni than any other fraternity with 255,000.
*SigEp has the highest national GPA with a 3.02, and is the ONLY fraternity to maintain a GPA higher than 3.0.
*SigEp maintains the highest first year member retention rate of any fraternity with over 90%.

*SigEp maintains the largest endowment fund of any college fraternity at $19 million.

*First fraternity to charter a chapter in all 50 states.
*First national fraternity to receive a grant from the federal Department of Education to enhance member development programs.
*First national fraternity to provide financial assistance to brothers for graduate school through the Resident Scholar program.
*First national fraternity to partner with the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.